ZyXEL Communications Switch ES-1528 manual

Brand: ZyXEL Communications, product: ZyXEL Communications Switch ES-1528

Type: Switch

Total pages: 4, PDF manual size: 0.23 Mb

Switch Empower “DoS Attack
Preventive & VoIP Friendly”Networks
Auto DoS Attack Prevention
Auto VoIP
Flexible 4 GbE Uplink Interfaces
IEEE 802.3ad Static Port
Streamlined Web-based Interface
Port security
IEEE 802.1p with 4 Priority Queues
WRR and SPQ Queuing Algorithms
Robust Design Power SMB/SB Network
ZyXEL ES-1528/ES-1552 come with 24/48 Fast Ethernet copper ports plus four Gigabit uplinks (two
1000Base-T ports and two SFP slots) that fire up the non-blocking connection power to SMB/SB networks,
and their multi-function design fit into copper or fiber networks easily. By utilizing 4G uplinks and port
aggregation, bandwidth on critical paths can be expanded flexibly by merging multiple traffic pipelines into
a logical one to dramatically improve network stability.
— Evolution New Smart Power
While many legacy Web Smart switches improve manageability, complexity is still around. For most
SMB/SB, inadequate IT expertise and complicated configuration are the major pains to overcome before
getting connected. Powered by newest hardware platform with smart ACL technology behind, Auto DoS
Attack Prevention” and Auto VoIP empowers hassle-free operations required by a network with strict
protection and VoIP-friendliness.
In addition, ZyXEL ES-1528/ES-1552 come with a streamlined intuitive Web-GUI for features demanded by
SMB/SB; such as 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1p traffic priority and static port aggregation. Without awkward
configurations and bulky user guide, the ES-1528/ES-1552 give real stuff for SMB/SB networks to enjoy the
Extra Secure — Auto DoS Attack Prevention
Security is the top priority for SMB/SB networks. Equipped with Auto DoS Attack Prevention, the ES-1528/
ES-1552 are capable of fighting against ubiquitous DoS attacks. A few mouse clicks are all it takes to initiate
the protection, complete the once-complicated ACL setting and reduce operating efforts dramatically.
The ES-1528/ES-1552 support 802.1Q VLAN for traffic isolation, as well as Static MAC forwarding and
dynamic ARP to establish a strictly protected network.
Extra QoS — Auto VoIP Optimization
VoIP is a key to differentiate business competitiveness. It usually requires IT expertise to optimize a network
for VoIP applications. With the emergence of the Auto VoIP”, however, the ES-1528/ES-1552 can identify
VoIP packet patterns and grant the highest priority to establish a VoIP-friendly communication automatically.
Auto VoIP offers IP telephony without configuration headaches. Features like four priority queues and WFQ
scheduling algorithm allow users to optimize network bandwidth usage and quality of services. In term of
bandwidth management, users can choose from several options and pick the most appropriate with just a
mouse click.
28-port/52-port Web-
managed Ethernet Switch

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