Viking Electronics Telephone TS-1 user guide

Brand: Viking Electronics, product type: Communications / Telephone

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• Add phone system features such as transfer,
intercom and “music on hold” to your single line
residential or business phones:
Transfer or intercom calls to other rooms,
garages, home offices, etc.
Transfer or intercom calls to other offices,
warehouses, the production floor, etc.
• Simulate voice mail features by re-ringing your
existing answering machine
• Works with existing house wiring (no rewiring
or home runs required)
• Music-on-hold
• Transfer
• “Meet me” intercom
• Seven unique transfer/intercom ring cadences
to alert each individual of waiting calls
• Compatible with C.O. provided services such
as Caller ID and Call Waiting
• Compatible with Viking’s door entry systems
(Fax Back Document 822)
The TS-1 is an inexpensive solution for adding
transfer, intercom, and “music on hold” features to
your single line home or small office phones.
Add Phone System Features to Your
Single Line Home or Office Phones
Technical Practice
Telecommunication Peripheral Products
Single Line
Telephone System
April 20, 1998
Features Applications
Sales...(715) 386 - 8861
Made in the U.S.A.
Power: 120V AC/13.8V AC, 1.25A Adapter provided
Dimensions: 119mm x 71mm x 36mm (4.7” x 2.8” x 1.4”)
Shipping Weight: 0.45 Kg (1 lb)
Environmental: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F) with 5% to 95% non-
condensing humidity
Ring Output: 9.0 REN, capable of ringing (9) 1.0 REN phones
Intercom Talk Battery: 32V DC
Connections: (2) RJ11 jacks, (1) 5.5 ft cord with 3.5mm (1/8”) plug
To transfer a call, simply dial the party’s extension
number you wish to reach (1 - 7) and hang up. The
caller is then placed on hold to be answered by
The TS-1 produces seven unique ring patterns. By
assigning these patterns to each party, the
individuals are alerted to answer their unique ring
The internal intercom is used by dialing the individual’s extension number twice (11 -
77), hanging up, and listening for the phones to stop ringing, queuing you that the
desired party has answered. Then simply pick up the phone to join your caller. During
intercom use, a “call waiting” tone is generated to signal an incoming call.
the individual when their ring cadence is recognized. To move a conversation to
another phone, simply dial 8 and hang-up. The call is placed on hold until picked up by
another extension. A music input port is available to provide “music on hold.”

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