Socket Mobile PDAs & Smartphones 650 DX user guide

Brand: Socket Mobile, product type: Communications / PDAs & Smartphones

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• Windows Mobile 6 Classic for the highest level
of mobile application compatibility
• Intel PXA270 processor running at 624 MHz for
fast application responsiveness
• Large standard memory configuration with
128 MB SDRAM, 1 GB or 256 MB NAND Flash to
support robust business applications
• High capacity Li ion battery for long run times
• Full USB connectivity from device and docking
station with support for USB host
• SoMo File Store provides non-volatile storage
for devicer ROM image and applications/
configurations that can survive a hard reset
• Reinforced CompactFlash and SDIO slots for
long product life and protection of peripheral
• Bright, clear, easy to read display
• High quality audio input and output speaker for
use in business environments
• LED indicators for charging status
• Hard capped buttons for ease of use, long life
• Light weight, ergonomically designed for easy
• Complete line of accessories to fit many
application requirements
• Side mounted software programmable action
buttons for better user control
• Separate charge connection for easy out-of-dock
• Control hold switch prevents accidental button
input, extending battery life
• Stereo headset connection for privacy or high
noise environments
• Recessed power switch to extend battery life
and prevents accidental power-on/off
• Full size stylus for ease of use and integrated
stylus storage for better retention, convenience
Durable Handheld Computer without Radios
for Secure Business Applications
Every day more businesses are finding
substantial benefits to automating their mobile
business processes and data collection activities.
Until now, the complexity of configuring and
deploying a mobile business system held many
back from taking advantage of these benefits.
With the SoMo 650DX handheld computer and a
broad range of pre-tested and configured
peripherals from Socket Mobile, many of the
risks and complexities of mobile deployment
have been eliminated. With over 18 years of
providing mobile peripheral devices to business,
working with the world leaders in mobile com-
puting, Socket has the knowledge and experi-
ence to make your mobile deployment a success.
The SoMo 650DX is specifically designed to transmit data by direct exchange to
meet the security needs of Business Mobility applications in government,
hospitals, refrigerated warehouses, and other locations where security
constraints are a concern. It is ideal for batch processing applications such as
asset tracking and inventory management as well as field service automation
and security identification. Featuring a contoured grip surface, the SoMo
650DX is an ergonomically designed, lightweight, easy to use Windows Mobile
powered computer. The SoMo 650DX provides reinforced CompactFlash and
Secure Digital I/O slots to take full advantage of card based peripherals and
protect the computer from the day-to-day impacts of a business mobility
The SoMoDX 650 is part of a complete mobile business system including a
variety of peripheral devices for barcode scanning, RFID and a number of
application specific connection options. Socket completes the picture by
offering a full line of accessories to assure that the SoMo 650 fits perfectly into
your application environment. Socket has created pre-configured bundles of
system elements targeted to specific application environments. These
configurations are fully integrated and tested to assure worry free
deployment. With pre-configured Socket systems, you will achieve a faster re-
turn on your investment and experience smoother deployments.
650DX Handheld Computer
Radio-Free Configuration

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