Radio Shack Cordless Telephone 43-3577 user guide

Brand: Radio Shack, product type: Communications / Cordless Telephone

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OWNER’S MANUAL Please read before using this equipment.
900 MHz Cordless Telephone
Caller ID/Call Waiting ID
Visual Ringer LED — let you know there is an incoming
call at sight. (See “Setting the Visual Ringer Brightness”
on page 10.)
Large Backlit keys — let you press the keys easily.
Audio Boost — help the elder people to hear high
frequency tone. (See “Audio Boost” on page 14.)
Ten-Number Memory Dialing — lets you store up to ten
numbers in memory for easy dialing. (See “Memory
Dialing” on page 18.)
Ample Talk and Standby Time — the supplied battery
(when fully charged) provides about 7 hours of talk time or
14 days of standby time.
Headset Jacklets you connect an optional headset for
hands-free convenience. (See “Headset Installation” on
page 29.)
Auto Talk— lets you set the phone to answer a call by
simply lifting the handset from the base.
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