Psion Teklogix Scanner LS3400 user guide

Brand: Psion Teklogix, product type: Computer Equipment / Scanner

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LS3400 Laser Scanner Family
The LS3400 Scanner family consists of four rugged scanners
rated at IP65 and suited to scanning 1D bar codes in
industrial environments.
LS3408ER:This extended range tethered laser scanner has
an exceptionally wide working range from 10cm (4 inches)
to 14.6m (45 feet).
LS3408FZ: Fuzzy logic technology allows this tethered laser
scanner to read dirty, damaged or poorly printed bar codes
from 4 inches (10cm) to 84 inches (213.4cm).
LS3478ER:This cordless extended range laser scanner provides
all the functionality of the LS3408ER without the cord.
LS3478FZ:This cordless fuzzy logic scanner is an ideal solution
to reading dirty, damaged or poorly printed 1D bar codes.
Flexible and rugged family of hand-held scanners
ideal for tough industrial environments
LS3408ER - Flexible working range
up to 45 feet
•Rugged ergonomic IP65 sealed
industrial design
•Bright laser diode ensures precise
aiming at long distances
•Multiple on board interfaces ensure
connectivity to existing devices.
LS3408FZ - Fuzzy logic improves
bar code scanning performance
•Ergonomic rugged design withstands
multiple 2m/6.5 drops to concrete
•Supports reduced space
symbologies (RSS)
•Multiple connectivity options ensure
plug and play functionality
LS3478ER - Extended range scanner
provides excellent depth of field
•Cordless option allows unrestricted
bar code scanning
•2.4 Mhz Bluetooth radio extends
wireless connectivity up to 100
Up to 4 scanners can communicate
with a single cradle for maximum
LS3478FZ - Fuzzy logic cordless
scanner provides adaptive scanning
of dirty, damaged or poorly printed
bar codes
5% to 95% non-condensing
humidity allows the scanner to
move freely within warm or cold
Operating temperature from
extreme cold to extreme heat -
20˚C to 50˚C (-4˚F to122˚F)
Lithium ion battery is fully charged
within 3 hours, limiting unit

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