Lincoln Electric Welding System 200-M manual

Brand: Lincoln Electric, product: Lincoln Electric Welding System 200-M

Type: Welding System

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Publication E13.12 2/07
Web Update 5/08
Mobile Welding Fume Extractor
Lincoln Electric’s
200-M is a portable, low vacuum/high volume disposable
filtration system designed for medium duty extraction and filtration of welding fumes.
The lightweight and rugged design of the Mobiflex
200-M along with the standard front
caster and rear wheels allows for easy portability. It is ideal for facilities that require welding
fume extraction in multiple locations, including maintenance departments, general fabrication
and job shops, and industrial welding environments.
The Mobiflex
200-M can be configured with Lincoln’s
LFA 3.1 or LFA 4.1 fume extraction
arms or with the 152 mm (6 in.) diameter, 5 m (16 ft.) long flexible hose and hood set.
Lincoln Electric’s
fume extraction arms are designed to provide welders optimal
motion and reach for their specific welding position(s) and work area.
The arm lengths range from 3.1 meter (10 ft.) to 4.1 meters (13 ft.).
For hard to reach areas such as confined spaces, the flexible hose
and set can be easily carried to locations where an extraction
arm just is not feasible.
The Mobiflex
200-M has an on-board internal extraction fan and
is designed specifically for weld applications. It extracts weld fume
through the arm, into the internal spark arrestor and finally through
the unique LongLife
filter cartridge capturing the welding fume
particulate. The particulate is collected on the inside of the cartridge,
minimizing exposure to particulate during filter maintenance and
The Mobiflex
200-M filter system is recommended for consumable use of approximately
1500 lbs. (680 kg) of MIG wire or 1100 lbs. (500 kg) of stick and flux-cored wire before
Filter performance will be affected by process and application variables including:
base metal(s), consumables(s), and coatings (oil) if applicable.
Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored
200-M with
optional Extraction Arm
Advantage Lincoln
Generous 735 CFM airflow with LFA 3.1/4.1 extraction arm.
Filter efficiency up to 99%
50 m
(164 ft
) LongLife
filter with ExtraCoat
Pressure differential filter indicator gauges amount of particulate in
filter cartridge, indicating system maintenance and filter replacement.
Internal aluminum mesh spark arrestor.
One-year warranty on equipment; 30 days on filter cartridge.
Low noise operation: 69dBA.
200-M System includes:
Filter, plastic housing, 8" flexible hose, 6 meter (19ft.) 115VAC input
power cord and instruction manual.
NOTE: Extraction Arm of your choice is required.
CFM level is dependent upon arm length, fan type and system maintenance.
Per Din EN 60335-2-69 Standards.
Product Product Filter Type/ Input Input H x W x D Net Weight
Name Number Filter Size Power Current mm (in.) kg (lbs.)
200-M K1653-2 Pretreated Cellulose 115/1/60 12A 900 x 810 x 1210 111
Base Unit 50 m
(164 ft
) (36 x 32 x 48) (243)

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