Lincoln Electric Welding System 11018M MR manual

Brand: Lincoln Electric, product: Lincoln Electric Welding System 11018M MR

Type: Welding System

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11018M MR
Publication C2.10.1 10/06
Basic, Low Hydrogen, Low Alloy Steel SMAW Electrode
(AWS E11018M-H4R)
11018M MR
is designed primarily for joining high strength steel types in the as-
welded or stress relieved conditions with excellent low temperature impact properties and
robust welding procedures. All-position welding, except vertical down.
Advantage Lincoln
Integrated Silicate Technology™
Increased moisture resistance and decreased coating fragility.
Easy Strike™ Tip
Consistent, smooth arc starts.
Square Burn-Off
Focused arc for hard to access welds.
X-Ray Quality
Demanding applications.
Hermetically Sealed Packaging – Easy Open Cans
Delivers quality product, performance reliability and
consistent results.
ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified
Manufactured to standards for environmental and quality
management systems.
Welding Positions
AWS A5.5/A5.5M:2006 E11018M-H4R / E7618M-H4R
ASME SFA 5.5:1996 E11018M-H4R
CSA W48-01: E7618-M-H4
Diameter Length 10 Lb. (4.5 kg) 50 Lb. (22.7 kg)
in. (mm) in. (mm) Easy Open Can Easy Open Can
3/32 (2.4)
14 (350) ED031972 ED031975
1/8 (3.2)
14 (350)
ED031973 ED031976
5/32 (4.0) 14 (350)
3/16 (4.8) 14 (350) ED031978
%C %Mn %Si %P %S %Ni %Cr %Mo %V
0.10 max 1.30 - 1.80 0.6 max 0.030 max 0.030 max 1.25 - 2.50 0.40 max 0.25 - 0.50 0.05 max
WS E11018M-H4R
Test Results 0.04 - 0.05 1.55 - 1.80 0.40 - 0.55 0.010 - 0.030 0.005 - 0.020 1.90 - 2.50 0.02 - 0.15 0.35 - 0.50 0.005 - 0.015
As required per AWS A5.5/A5.5M:2006
Charpy V-Notch Diffusible
Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation ft*lbf (Joules) Hydrogen
psi (MPa) psi (MPa) % @-60°F (-50°C) ml/100g
110 (760) 98 - 110 20 20 (27) 4
AWS E11018M-H4R min. (680 - 760)
Test Results 111 - 117 100 - 110 20-25 40 - 65 1-4
(765 - 807)
(690 - 758)
(54 - 88)
As Requir
ed per AWS A5.5/A5.5M:2006
Polarity Current Range (Amps)
3/32 in. 1/8 in. 5/32 in. 3/16 in.
(2.4 mm) (3.2 mm) (4.0 mm) (4.8 mm)
DC+ 70-110 90-160 130-210 180-300
Typical Applications
Certain Weldable Quenched & Tempered Steels, such as
- T1, A514, A517 and A709
General Fabrication Requiring E11018-G or E11018M
Electrode Classification.

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