Lincoln Electric Welding Consumables MC07-48 manual

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Type: Welding Consumables

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30% Increase in Productivity
MC07-48 6/07
Owen Steel Company, Columbia, SC
A large structural steel contractor,
Owen Steel has worked on some
of the most recognizable buildings
made in the last half century.
To increase productivity, quality, and reduce
costs associated with welding operations.
Working with welding and gas distributor
Praxair and welding equipment and
consumables manufacturer Lincoln Electric,
Owen Steel conducted extensive on-site
tests and decided on Lincols UltraCore
71C gas-shielded flux-cored wire.
30% increase in productivity from new
Bidding advantage on new jobs.
Long stick-out procedures combined with
high wire feed speeds allow for higher
deposition rates and arc stability, and
reduced welder fatigue.
Reduced spatter, clean up, and rework.
- C H A L L E N G E -
- S O L U T I O N -
- R E S U L T S -
skyscraper’s most
fascinating story is not
always the reflective
window façade frequently admired by
passersby. Oftentimes, the truly
interesting tale is told by the
underlying support structure, its
journey and how it will enable the
building to stand up to modern-day
demands for decades to come.
With this in mind, Owen Steel
Company, based in Columbia, S.C.,
has contributed to some great stories
during its 70 years in business. One
of the country’s leading structural
steel contractors, the firm has been
involved in the construction of some
prominent buildings, including high
rises such as the 48-story Conde
Nast headquarters at Four Times
Square, the 568-foot 450 Lexington
Avenue Building in midtown
Manhattan and the 54-floor Mellon
Bank Center in downtown
Philadelphia, as well as indoor arenas
for the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland
Cavaliers. Owen Steel has also
contributed to transit hubs, including
the JFK Airport International Arrivals
Terminal and the Secaucus (N.J.)
Transit Station.
Over the years, Owen Steel and its
projects have received numerous
industry accolades, including being
featured 10 times on the cover of
leading industry publication
Engineering News-Record.
Most recently, the 250-person firm
fabricated the AESS columns on the
New York Times Building in
Manhattan as part of its contract for
approximately 7,200 tons on that
project, and has fabricated steel for
the Bank of America Tower in New
York (27,000 tons for a 54-story
tower), Citigroup, Sloan Kettering
Memorial Hospital, the Metropolitan
Transit Authority Bus Depot and
Xanadu at the Meadowlands.
With such prominent projects under
its belt and more always in the works
(the firm was just awarded the
contract to build the World Trade
Center Memorial and Museum at
w w w . l i n c o l n e l e c t r i c . c o m

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