Lincoln Electric Welder 255XT manual

Brand: Lincoln Electric, product: Lincoln Electric Welder 255XT

Type: Welder

Total pages: 8, PDF manual size: 0.85 Mb

. The Professional’s Choice
255XT sets the standard for MIG and flux-cored welding
in light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance or repair work. Diamond
Core Technology
delivers a wide voltage sweet spot across the welding
range, low spatter levels and a forgiving arc on steel, stainless and
aluminum – even for demanding out-of-position work.
It’s Spool Gun Ready, so it’s fast and easy to tackle difficult aluminum
applications. Exclusive 115 volt auxiliary power means you can power lights,
grinders, and chargers right where you work! And, the MAXTRAC
system with a patented Split Wire Guide system and tachometer feedback
ensures trouble-free wire delivery. Add the extra length 15 foot gun cable
and innovative convenience features and you begin to understand why the
255XT is considered The Professional’s Choice
Publication E7.54 7/08
Advantage Lincoln
Arc Performance:
Diamond Core Technology
, a patented choke design, delivers:
- A forgiving arc, even with large stickout changes
- Excellent out-of-position arc action
- A wide voltage sweet spot at a given wire feed speed
- Low spatter
Superb Quality:
cast aluminum industrial wire drive features dual
driven rolls, easy-turn numeric tension indicator, brass-to-brass
gun connections and Lincoln’s 100% wire-supporting split wire
guide system.
Three-year warranty on parts and labor (90 days warranty on gun).
Professional Features:
Digital meters display, preset voltage and wire feed speed, and
actual voltage and preset wire feed speed while welding.
Generous 15 ft. (4.5 m) gun and cable assembly makes it easy to
reach your work.
Spool Gun Ready The POWER MIG
255XT has the electronics and
second gas solenoid built-in to drive either the Magnum
spool gun or the Magnum
SG spool gun.
The most economic spool gun solution in the 250A category –
costing hundreds less.
115V auxiliary receptacle (208/230V model only) to power a grinder
or other auxiliary equipment in your work area.
Free Timer Functions adds 4-step trigger interlock, spot mode,
adjustable run-in speed for smoother arc starting, and adjustable
burnback time to minimize wire sticking in puddle.
Input current is at the rated output with the 115V auxiliary receptacle also drawing 15 amps.
Input Power
Rated Output
Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle
Input Current @
Rated Output
Output Range
H x W x D
inches (mm)
Net Weight
lbs. (kg)
Spool Gun Pkg.
K2702-1 208/230/1/60 250A/26V/40% 56/52A
30-300 Amps
50-700 ipm WFS
(1.3-17.7 m/min)
Max. OCV: 40V 31.8 x 18.9 x 38.8
(808 x 408 x 985)
Base Unit
K2701-1 208/230/1/60 250A/26V/40% 56/52A
30-300 Amps
50-700 ipm WFS
(1.3-17.7 m/min)
Max. OCV: 40V
K2701-2 230/460/575/1/60 50/24/19A
MIG, Flux-Cored
Spool Gun Capable
Medium Duty Heavy Duty

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