Jonsered Chainsaw CS 2245 user guide (page 12)

Brand: Jonsered, product type: Lawn and Garden / Chainsaw

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12 – English
Chain oil hole and hole for chain tensioner. The bar
must be matched to the chain saw design.
Chain pitch (inches)
Drive link width (mm/inches)
Number of drive links.
Sharpening your chain and adjusting
depth gauge setting
General information on sharpening cutting teeth
Never use a blunt chain. When the chain is blunt you
have to exert more pressure to force the bar through
the wood and the chips will be very small. If the chain
is very blunt it will produce wood powder and no chips
or shavings.
A sharp chain eats its way through the wood and
produces long, thick chips or shavings.
The cutting part of the chain is called the cutter and
consists of a cutting tooth (A) and the depth gauge
(B). The cutters cutting depth is determined by the
difference in height between the two (depth gauge
When you sharpen a cutting tooth there are four important
factors to remember.
1 Filing angle
2 Cutting angle
3 File position
4 Round file diameter
It is very difficult to sharpen a chain correctly without the
right equipment. We recommend that you use our file
gauge. This will help you obtain the maximum kickback
reduction and cutting performance from your chain.
See instructions under the heading Technical data for
information about sharpening your chain.
Sharpening cutting teeth
To sharpen cutting teeth you will need a round file and a
file gauge. See instructions under the heading Technical
data for information on the size of file and gauge that are
recommended for the chain fitted to your chain saw.
WARNING! Departure from the
sharpening instructions considerably
increases the risk of kickback.

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