HTC Cell Phone 080716 manual

Brand: HTC, product: HTC Cell Phone 080716

Type: Cell Phone

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Read First Poster
The Touch Diamond Phone
Extra Stylus
AC Adapter
Wired Stereo Headset
USB Sync Cable
Multifunction Audio Cable
Screen Protector
Read First Poster and Quick Start Guide
Getting Started Disc
Whats in the Box
Top, Back, and Right View
Your HTC Touch Dual™
Left, Front, and Bottom View
Back Cover
3.2 Megapixel
Sync Connector/
Earphone Jack
Strap Holder
Touch Screen
Navigation Control
Battery and Power
Charging the Battery
1. Connect the USB connector of the AC adapter to the sync connector on your
2. Plug in the AC adapter to an electrical outlet to start charging the battery.
The battery is fully charged after about 3 hours of charging.
Installing the Battery
1. Make sure your device is turned off.
2. Hold the device with both hands and
the front panel facing down. Push the
back cover up with your thumb until it
disengages from the device and then slide
it up to remove.
3. Align the batterys exposed copper
contacts with the battery connectors
inside the battery compartment. Insert
the contact’s side of the battery first and
then gently push the battery into place.
4. Replace the back cover.
Starting Up
After installing the battery and charging the battery, you can now power on and
start using your device.
1. Press and hold the POWER button for a few seconds.
2. A Quick Start Wizard guides you through the calibration of the screen and the
setup of regional settings, date and time, and password. Follow the onscreen
instructions to finish the Quick Start Wizard. After the Quick Start Wizard
finishes, the device installs customization settings, then restarts.
Sleep Mode
When the device is turned on, press and immediately release the POWER button to
turn off the display temporarily and switch your device to Sleep mode. Sleep mode
suspends your device to a low power state while the display is off in order to save
battery power.
Your device automatically goes into Sleep mode when you leave the device idle
after a certain period of time.
You will still be able to receive messages and calls while your device is in Sleep
mode. Pressing the POWER button again or incoming calls/messages will wake up
your device.
The Home Screen
TouchFLO™ 3D
The Home screen of the device is the TouchFLO™ 3D Home screen, which allows
finger-touch access to the most important functions such as contacts, text
messages, e-mail, Internet, and more.
Photos and
Music Weather Settings Programs
Home People Messages Mail
Switching between the Tabs
Press and hold your finger on the active tab, then slide your
finger right or left over the tabs. Release when you have
selected the desired tab.
You can also swipe left or right across the screen to go to the
next or previous tab.
Finger Gestures
You can use finger gestures to scroll, pan, and zoom on the touch screen of your
Finger scrolling
You can easily scroll the
screen by simply sliding
your finger on the touch
Finger zooming
The type of finger gesture
to use when zooming
varies in different
To zoom in on a Web
page, tap your finger
twice on the screen.
To zoom in on a photo
in Album, make a full-
circle swipe on the
touch screen.
Finger panning
On the touch screen, drag
your finger in any direction
to move to other parts of a
zoomed photo, Web page,
document, or an e-mail.

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