Edelbrock Two-Way Radio 302-400 C.I.D. user guide

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©2002 Edelbrock Corporation
Brochure No. 63-0143
Rev. 9/02
VICTOR JR. #2975, Port Matched #2900
VICTOR JR. TALL #2996 & #2999
VICTOR 4+4 #2976 & VICTOR E #2978
MODEL: 302-400 c.i.d. Chevrolet V8
Please study these instructions carefully before installing your new intake manifold. If you have any questions or problems, please call our Technical
Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time, or e-mail us at [email protected]
EGR SYSTEMS: This manifold will not accept stock EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) equipment. EGR systems are used on some 1972 and later
model vehicles and only in some states. Check local laws for requirements.
VICTOR Jr. MANIFOLD: These manifolds are designed for competition vehicles only! They are not intended to be used on the street as they do not
have provisions for chokes, emission pieces, etc. The "Tall" versions are identical to their name sakes, but with an additional one-inch of carburetor
height; thus #2996 is a taller version of the Bowtie II Victor Jr. (#2972) and #2999 is a taller version of the Victor Jr. (#2975). It is the responsibility
of the end user to verify conformity to a particular racing association’s rules regarding manifold dimensions, fitment to a template, etc.
BOWTIE II VICTOR Jr. MANIFOLD: Bowtie II intakes provide maximum performance for engines using unported Chevrolet Bowtie cast-iron heads
#14011058, #14011034 and #10134392.
VICTOR E / VICTOR 4+4 MANIFOLDS: The Victor E and Victor 4+4 are the largest manifold in this series, use them for higher rpm applications
(5000-8500 rpm) drag racing and alcohol fueled applications.
NOTE: This manifold has no provision for power brake vacuum. If your application requires manifold vacuum; drill and tap a 3/8” or 1/4” pipe hole
in the passenger side of the plenum as close to the carb flange as possible. This should be done prior to installing the manifold.
ACCESSORIES & INSTALLATION ITEMS: Edelbrock recommends the use of Fel-Pro Intake gaskets #1205 or #1206 depending on engine build.
Edelbrock continues to expand its line of products, like the new Nitrous Systems, cylinder heads and Russell line of products. Check the Edelbrock
catalog and website for the current list of matching components.
CARBURETOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Standard square bore carburetors 750 cfm or larger.
ylinder head port opening size should be as close
as possible to the size of the gasket being used.
Port-match the manifold exits .020" per side smaller
than either the gasket being used or the
cylinder head port opening, whichever is smaller
MANIFOLD TORQUE: WARNING - Torque the manifold bolts to 25 ft./lbs. in small, even steps
following the factory recommended torque sequence as shown. If you cannot fit a torque
wrench on some of the bolts, use a small box end wrench to avoid over tightening.
CARBURETOR SPACERS: Both engine dynamometer and in-car tests have shown additional
torque is available by use of a two-inch high open (not 4-hole) carburetor spacer (#8712) on the
Victor Jr. and Victor 4+4 manifolds. The Victor Jr. Tall and the Bowtie II Victor Jr. Tall are cast
with an additional one inch of height to the carb mounting flange, and need only a one-inch high
open spacer (#8710). This normally requires slight re-calibration of the carburetor since small
losses of fuel signal cause the engine to run somewhat leaner than without the spacer. A simple
jet change is typically all that needs to be done. If a spread-bore carburetor is to be used, a 1-
inch spacer between the manifold and adapter will provide the 2-inch height increase on Victor
Jr. and Bowtie II Victor Jr. manifolds (if hood space is available).
PLEASE complete and mail your warranty card. Be sure to write the model number of this
product in the “Part #____” space.
Edelbrock Corporation
2700 California St.
Torrance, CA 90503
Tech Line: 1-800-416-8628

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