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Dynafl ex
Elastomeric Flexible
Featuring: Dynafl ex
Shear-Type Couplings
Dynafl ex
Spool-Type Couplings
Dynafl ex
Bushing-Type Couplings
Dynafl ex
LCR Series Couplings
Dynafl ex
LCD Series Couplings
Effi cient power transmission and driveline component
durability are among powertrain designers’ most impor-
tant concerns. Increased durability and up-time are two
characteristics demanded by purchasers of today’s
complex and expensive machinery. These demands can
only be met with reliable, trouble-free, smooth-running
powertrains free from damaging loads which compro-
mise component life.
Powertrain component life is determined by the load
spectrum each component will experience during the
machine’s service life. Reciprocating engines, such as
spark-ignited gasoline and compression-ignited diesels,
produce alternating torque loads which, when super-
imposed on the steady driving torque, create alter-
nating stresses in driveline system components which
shorten component life and reliability. High transient
start-up torques and misalignment caused by skewed
rotational axes between driver and driven in electric
motor, hydraulic and pneumatic drives also cause high
imposed forces on driven components. These unwanted
forces loosen bolted joints and cause spline fretting,
clutch disk wear, bearing failure, gear tooth fatigue and
shaft fatigue, among an array of other problems.
Elastomeric fl exible couplings solve these problems.
They prolong driveline component life because they
reduce the magnitude of imposed loads, attenuate vibra-
tion in multiple planes, accommodate misalignments
in multiple planes, and act as barriers impeding noise
created by meshing gears, engaging clutches, etc.
Elastomeric fl exible couplings are also maintenance-
free. They require no lubrication or other maintenance
throughout their service life. Among the large variety of
coupling types available, LORD Corporation’s elasto-
meric couplings offer the most comprehensive package
of benefi ts available to the powertrain designer. LORD
Corporation’s product lines include fi ve different elas-
tomeric coupling styles which cover a wide range of
application requirements.
Application requirements suggest the coupling style
needed to optimize powertrain performance and
component longevity. Misalignment accommodation,
torsional vibration isolation, transient shock dissipation
and required service life are important parameters
to consider when selecting a coupling to fi ll specifi c
application requirements.

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