Cranium Two-Way Radio 303033100 user guide

Brand: Cranium, product type: Communications / Two-Way Radio

Total pages: 2, PDF manual size: 1.03 Mb

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Welcome to Cranium Giggle Gear
Talk with friends and send robo sounds!
Robo Talkies
To change the headbands, take them off and choose new click-in parts. You can use any Giggle Gear
mix-and-match pieces to create even more hilarious combinations. You can also attach a Talkies headset
to a Mega Mask base!
Assemble the Talkies
Take out the click-in parts, headsets, and headbands.
Give a headset and a headband to a friend.
•Install a 9-volt battery into one of the headsets.
Attach the headsets to the headbands.
Choose some click-in parts and attach them to the
Put on the Robo Talkies, then adjust the microphone in
front of your mouth.
To turn on the Talkies, slide down the silver switch
on the headset.
Press the silver button on the headset to talk
to your friend.
Release the silver button to hear your friend speak.
Press the silver and red buttons at the same time to
send robo sounds to your friend.
Now go and make someone giggle. Have fun!
Get Ready to Play

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