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Deluxe Talking
Touch Chess
Operating Manual
Model 404D
Congratulations on your purchase of
Excalibur Electronics’ Deluxe Talking
Touch Chess! You’ve purchased both
your own personal chess trainer and a
partner who’s always ready for a game—
and who can improve as you do! Talking
and audio sounds add another dimension
to your Touch Chess computer for
increased enjoyment and play value.
Install the Batteries
With Touch Chess facedown, find the
battery door. Open it and insert two (2)
fresh, alkaline AAA batteries in the bat-
tery holder. Note the arrangement of the
batteries called for by the diagram in the
holder. Make sure that the positive tip of
each battery matches up with the + sign
in the battery compartment so that polar-
ity will be correct. When the batteries are
properly installed, Touch Chess automat-
ically turns on and starts talking letting
you know she's ready for action. If Touch
Chess does not start talking, use a thin
pointed object and press the RESET but-
ton. Replace the battery compartment
panel and remove the stylus resting in its
holder on the back of the unit. Now turn
Touch Chess over.
Play a Game Right Away
After you have installed the batteries, the
display will show ENGLISH? asking you
if you would like her to speak Engish. If
you do, press the YES key. If you want
her to speak French or German, press the
NO key until your desired language is
shown and then press the YES key. The
dot-matrix display will show
. This indicates you are at the
first move of the game and ready to play
chess. It will also show
which is
the score and
which is the time.
The white box on the screen means it is
white to play. Unless you instruct her oth-
erwise, Touch Chess gives you the White
piecesthe ones at the bottom of the
board. White always moves first. You’re
ready to play!
Making your move
Besides deciding on a good move, you
have to move the piece in a way that

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