Bulova Watch G10 manual

Brand: Bulova, product: Bulova Watch G10

Type: Watch

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Watch Setting Guide
1. Hours minutes and seconds display.
2. Chronograph (CHRONO) with minutes, seconds and 1/10
second display. Maximum reading is 30 minutes.
3. Split time chronograph function.
4. Date display.
Note: The Second hand for the time display is the small hand
in the bottom dial.
1. Pull the crown out to position “3” (See diagram). If the crown
has a “screw-down” lock, then unscrew the crown lock first
by turning the crown towards you, then pull it to position “3”.
2.Turn the crown towards you (hands moves clockwise), until
the date changes (midnight).
3. Continue turning the hour and minute hands to the correct
time. If it is afternoon you must go past 12 o’clock again
(noon) to set the correct time.
4.When the correct time is set, push crown back to position “1”.
1. Pull the crown to position “2” (See above diagram).The watch
will continue to run.Turn the crown towards you to advance
to the current date.
2. Once the date is set, push the crown back to position “1”.
Note: Do Not set the date as above between the hours of
7:00 PM and 1:00 AM.This may cause the date to be incorrect
and the date will have to be reset later.
This must be done before using the chrono the first time. It
does not need to be repeated unless the watch receives an
impact sufficient to move the hand out of position, or the
Battery has been changed.
Note: When using the buttons for these adjustments,
each button push will move the hand one step – but holding
the button down will advance the hand rapidly.
1. Pull crown out to position “2”.
2. Push button “A” to move the 1/10 second hand
(small dial at 2 o’clock) to the “0’ position.
3. Push button “B” to move the Chrono second hand (long
hand) to the “0” or 12 o’clock position.
4. Move crown to position “3”. Push button “A” to move the
30 minute chrono hand (small dial at 10 o’clock) to the “0”
or 12 o’clock position.
5. Push crown back to position “1”.
Note: The maximum chrono reading is 30 minutes, However
the chrono will continue running once 30 minutes has passed.
The resulting half hour periods may be added together mentally
to keep track of longer periods.
For example – If you know that approximately one hour has
passed since you started the chronograph, and the chrono reads
25 minutes, then you know that the chrono has been running
30 minutes plus 25 minutes, which is 55 minutes.
1. Push Button “A” to start the chronograph. Push button “A”
again to stop the chronograph.
(Note: the 1/10 second hand does not move until the chrono
is stopped.Then it shows the elapsed 1/10 seconds).
2. Push button “B” to return the chronograph to the
“Zero” or starting point.
3. Chronograph can be stopped and started again
(Button “A”), repeatedly, to “Add” times together.
4.To “Split” times, with the chrono running, push button “B”.
Chrono hands will stop.Then push “B” again and the hands
will catch up to actual elapsed time and continue running.
Te c hnical
30-minute timer
Minute Hand
Split Time
Reset to zero
Second Hand
Date Window
60-second timer
1/10 second timer

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