Broan Blower RMDD3004 manual

Brand: Broan, product: Broan Blower RMDD3004

Type: Blower

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Exhaust your cooktop without the use of an
overhead hood. Compact design is installed directly
behind cooktop.
Rugged steel construction
Silver paint and/or glavanized finish
Space-saving - can be used with most cooktops on the
30", 36", or 48" widths - Fits standard-size cabinets
For indoor use only
Dynamically-balanced 9-1/8" dia. x 2-1/8" centrifugal blower
wheel for quiet, efficient performance
Permanently lubricated, thermally-protected motor
Neoprene, resilient anti-vibration mounts
Unit plugs directly into 120 VAC, 60 HZ, grounded outlet
Uses standard 3-1/4" x 10" duct connector
3-position discharge - scroll box moveable to adjust to
floor joists
Brushed stainless steel cover - just press button to turn
unit "ON"
Chimney rises 9½" when activated - ideal for large pots
and pans
Stylish, stainless steel filters with aluminum mesh - easy
to remove and dishwasher-safe
Stainless steel chimney front and back - makes cleanup
quick and easy
Flush-mounted, infinite rotary speed blower control
Heat Sentry
adjusts speed of blower to HIGH in case
of excess heat
Conveniently located button - press to lower air vent and
turn unit "OFF"
OPTIONAL Remote Control (Model RMDDRBK) activates
downdraft from alternate location
Downdraft blower system shall be Rangemaster
RMDD3004 (RMDD3604) (RMDD4804).
Unit shall be for indoor use only.
Unit to have steel housing with silver paint or galvanized
finish. Air vent to rise at least 9½" and have a stainless steel
front and back for ease of cleaning.
Filters to be stainless steel with aluminum mesh, easy to
remove and dishwasher-safe.
Blower will connect directly to 3¼" x 10" rectangular duct
(6" round duct using a transition). Blower discharge to be
convertible to accommodate ductwork from LEFT, RIGHT,
or BELOW and have 7½" side-to-side adjustment.
Motor shall be mounted to blower assembly with grease
resistant anti-vibration mounts, be removable, and lifetime
Unit to include Heat Sentry
, to adjust blower speed to HIGH
in case of excess heat and must accept an optional remote
control activation button.
Downdraft system shall operate on 120 VAC and be able to
be plugged into a standard grounded outlet. It will have an
infinite speed blower control.
Air delivery shall be no less than 500 CFM. Air delivery rat-
ing shall be certified by HVI. Downdraft blower system to be
U.L. listed.
120 60 4.0 500 3-1/4" x 10"
21L 99043189E
HVI2100 CERTIFIED RATINGS comply with new testing
technologies and procedures prescribed by the Home
Ventilating Institute, for off-the-shelf products, as they
are available to consumers. Product performance is rated
at 0.1 in. static pressure, based on tests conducted in
a state-of-the-art test laboratory. Sones are a measure
of humanly-perceived loudness, based on laboratory
Broan-NuTone LLC Hartford, Wisconsin 800-558-1711
Broan-NuTone Canada, Inc. Mississauga, Ontario 877-896-1119

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