Bogen Speaker R8/R8T manual

Brand: Bogen, product: Bogen Speaker R8/R8T

Type: Speaker

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Models R6/R6T and R8/R8T
P.O. Box 575, Ramsey, NJ 07446 U.S.A.
tel 201-934-8500 fax 201-934-9832
e-mail: [email protected]
DIMENSIONS (in / cm)
WEIGHT (lbs / kg)
6" MDT™
1-1/8" inverted-dome
75Hz – 20kHz
R6: 8
R6T: 70V
R6: 100W @ 8
R6T: 32W @ 70V
Horiz - 100˚, Vert - 45˚
(in.) 18 W x 14 D x 10 H
(cm) 46 W x 36 D x 25 H
R6: 35 lbs; 15.9 kg
R6T: 37 lbs; 16.8 kg
8" MDT™
1-1/8" inverted-dome
60Hz – 20kHz
R8: 8
R8T: 70V
R8: 175W @ 8
R8T: 64W @ 70V
Horiz - 100˚, Vert - 45˚
(in.) 23 W
x 15 D x 16 H
(cm) 58 W x 38 D x 41 H
R8: 64 lbs; 29.1 kg
R8T: 67 lbs; 30.4 kg
NEAR’s exclusive MDT™ metal-alloy diaphragm is about as light as is physically possible – nearly the ideal
massless piston. The benefits are immediately recognized in the musical accuracy, fine detail of sound,
and ease of listening. Here is a summary of MDT benefits:
High rigidity and low mass of metal versus traditional papers and plastics
• Extremely stable cone structure over long periods of time
• Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means low energy storage
• Special anodizing process creates a ceramic coating for increased stiffness
• Efficient heat-sinking of voice coils under long-term, high-power situations
In addition to MDT, another unique technology is incorporated into NEAR speakers: Magnetic Liquid
Suspension (MLS™). MLS eliminates the traditional mechanical centering device (the “spider”) for the
voice coil and replaces it with a magnetic fluid that remains permanently suspended in the gap of the
magnet, allowing the voice coil to stay centered and to operate with extreme linearity. In fact, the louder it
plays, the more accurate the centering forces become. Here is a summary of MLS benefits:
• Voice coil is constantly centered as it moves up and down, for lower distortion
• Voice coil is more efficiently heat-sinked by fluid instead of air
Dual-layer voice coil with separate inner and outer windings reduces distortion at high output levels
Greater linearity is accomplished because the mechanical spider is eliminated
• Constant lubrication of the gap prevents oxidation from outdoor use
Long-term operation is more consistent since fluid doesn't change characteristics
Longer excursions with smaller diameter woofers; spiders limit excursions
54-2038-01R3 0205
Specifications are subject to change without notice. ©2000 Bogen Communications, Inc.

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