Bogen Amplified Phone ASM1 user guide

Brand: Bogen, product type: Communications / Amplified Phone

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Easy Install
Amplified Speaker
Model ASM1
Speaker Layout
The layout of the speakers should be planned before installation
begins. Layout starts in one corner of the room. The first speaker
should be positioned from each wall a distance approximately equal
to the ceiling height of the room.
The next speaker in row
1 should be spaced a distance approxi-
mately equal to twice the height of the ceiling. Each additional speak-
er in the row should use this same spacing.
Row 2 starts at twice the ceiling height distance from row
1 and
twice the ceiling height from the wall.The other speakers in this row
are also spaced at twice the ceiling height.
Row 3 is again spaced at twice the ceiling height from the previous
row. The first speaker starting this row is positioned at one ceiling
height distance from the wall (similar to row 1).
Continue this pattern of alternating rows until the room is covered.
Because of the wide sound dispersion characteristic of the ASM1,
exact placement is not critical. The spacing of the speakers can be
adjusted so that the speakers are evenly spaced in a row.
Speaker Installation
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
STEP 1 - Position the speaker on the ceiling tile and slowly push the
speaker, forcing the studs through the ceiling tile.
STEP 2 - Clean any loose debris or conductive foil from around the
studs. Spin the wide-based wing nuts (supplied) down the
threaded studs. Tighten the wing nuts until they are very
snug (finger tighten only - no tools required). Check that
the speaker is drawn tight to the ceiling tile. Fiberglass
sleeves (supplied) should be placed over the studs at this
point to insulate the exposed portion of the studs as a
safety precaution.
STEP 3 - The electrical connections are made to the studs with the
wire nuts (supplied).The studs are color-coded to indicate
Amplifier connections are:
Threaded COPPER stud – Audio Signal (+)
Threaded NICKEL stud – Audio Signal (-)
Smooth COPPER stud – 24V DC (+)
Smooth NICKEL stud – 24V DC (-)
Nylon wire ties (supplied) can be used to secure the speaker wires
to the studs if desired. (Nylon wire ties should wrap around the fiber-
glass sleeve.)
54-2159-01A 0611
© 2006 Bogen Communications Inc. All rights reserved.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Signal (+)
Signal (–)
24V DC (+)24V DC (–)
Volume Knob
Set volume to maximum (1) before
installation and adjust as needed

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