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Type: Air Compressor

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Black Box Corporation • 1000 Park Drive • Lawrence, PA 15055-1018 • Tech Support: 724-746-5500 • e-mail: [email protected]
© 2007. All rights reserved.
Black Box Corporation.
12/18/2007 #25900
switching and patch-
ing system for RS-232,
RS-530, X.21, and V.35
data communications.
Cards for A/B
switching and
patching or for switch-
only capabilities.
Daisychain up to 9901
fully populated chassis
to control and manage
up to 158,416 A/B
interface cards.
Management Control
Software makes on-
screen control a snap.
Multiple programmable
alarms alert you to
network conditions.
Dual-power options.
anaging switchable circuits is
easy with the Pro Switching
System II (PSSII) from Black Box.
This innovative system consists
of rackmount modular components
that provide an economical and
reliable means to manage
RS-232/V.24, V.35, X.21, and RS-530
data interfaces. With this chassis-
mounted switching and patching
system, you can switch individual
circuits, all 16 circuits in a chassis,
or a group of circuits via remote
console commands or upon an
alarm automatically.
You can also switch manually.
Use front-panel buttons to switch
individual circuits or to gang-
switch. Or you can disable manual
switching capabilities in the system
with a simple command from an
attached console. We even offer a
Contact Closure Card that lets you
use a programmable logic
controller (PLC) to direct your
circuit switching.
Daisychain up to 9901 chassis
together to control and manage
158,416 A/B interface cards from
Control hundreds or thousands of devices
from a single ASCII terminal or PC!
Key Features
a single console. This means of
control is an alternative
to connecting multiple multiport
KVM switches when you want
to manage hundreds of CPUs.
One PSSII console can
support 32,000 switchable circuits
in 2000 racks (if you install 100
racks at each of 20 sites). In this
setup, each site would contain one
master rack which, in turn, would
support up to 99 slave chassis.
And you’re not limited by a type
of cabling that can be used to
connect the console to the master
chassis; it can be local hard-wired
cabling, a dedicated link, or even
a dialup link (although you must use
hard-wired local cabling for
all slave connections).
The PSSII chassis
At the heart of the system is the
chassis. Choose the SM900A for
RS-232, RS-530, X.21, or V.35
communications. For V.35 only, use
the SM901A.
Each chassis has 18 mounting
slots with card guides and a
backplane PC board that provides
the card-edge interface for the
cards you plan to add. The rear
plate of the chassis has three rows
of DB25 EIA connectors. Use them
to attach the A, B, and Common
(modem) sides of your data cables.
Cards seat in the chassis from
the front, and their data connectors
plug easily into the cable
connectors without disturbing any
cable bundles attached at the
chassis’ rear. The first slot holds
the unit’s Power Supply Modules
(order separately), and the slot
adjacent to it is for installing an
optional Management Control Card
or Terminal Display Card.
The chassis’ other 16 slots
can accommodate up to 16 circuit
cards, which we offer as Front
Interface Cards or Universal Serial
Cards. Each module passes one
switchable data circuit.
The PSSII chassis also has a
control-communications interface
and two test-equipment interfaces.
The latter two connections enable
you to perform interactive test-
(continued on page 2)

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