Binatone Two-Way Radio 650 user guide

Brand: Binatone, product type: Communications / Two-Way Radio

Total pages: 11, PDF manual size: 1.47 Mb

1. LCD Screen
Channel Number. Changes from 1 to
8 as selected by the user.
CTCSS Code. Changes from 1 to 38
as selected by the user.
Displays the Battery change level.
When the bars are reduced, the
battery needs recharging.
TX Displayed when transmitting a signal.
RX Displayed when receiving a signal.
DCM Displayed when the Dual Watch function is turned ON.
DCS Displayed when the Digital Code System is turned On.
VOX Displayed when the VOX feature is enabled.
SC Displays when the PMR is scanning all channels.
Displayed when the Key Lock feature is activated.
Displays the current Speaker volume level.
Displays when the call signal is ON.
LCD Screen
- Displays the
current channel
selection and other
radio symbols.
TALK) button
Press and hold to
CALL button
-Press to send
Ringing tone to
other PMR units.
MENU Button
-Press to change
To switch between
Button – Press
and hold to turn
the unit ON or
MIC (Microphone)
Buttons –
Press to change
channels, volume,
and to select
settings during
Private mobile radio with d al charger
Terrain 650

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