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©2011 BERNINA of America, Inc. jpl Page 1 of 10
Create an adorable quilt for
baby, youngster, or the young
at heart using OESD Crafter’s
Collection Snuggle Up and the
Benartex Habitat Fabric Collec-
tion. A menagerie of whimsical
animal designs are blended
with story-time elements to
make this a much-loved quilt
for snuggling!
Some of the designs in this
collection are appliqué designs
—so easy to accomplish in em-
broidery! Plus, the BERNINA
Bias Binder Attachment #88
makes this a quick quilt to put
Finished size: 39” x 49”
Created by Kay Hickman
Snuggle Up
Baby Quilt
Machine & Accessories
BERNINA Sewing & Embroidery System
 Large Oval Hoop
 Bias Binder Attachment #88 with Foot #95
 Piping Foot #38
 BERNINA Stitch Regulator #42
 Optional feet for quilting:
 Roller Foot #55
 Edgestitch Foot #10/10D
 Walking Foot #50 with Center Guide Sole
 BERNINA Embroidery Software v6 (optional)
Embroidery Collection
 OESD Snuggle Up Crafter’s Collection #014
 OESD Ultra Clean & Tear Stabilizer
 OESD Applique Fuse & Fix (for appliques)
 OESD Fuse & Fleece (for circles)
 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray
 OESD Bobbin Thread
 Organ Embroidery needles, size 80/12
 Isacord Embroidery Thread
 Best Press Starch Alternative
 “The Binding Tool” by TQM Products
 Construction thread
 Ballpoint awl
 Glue stick
 Fabric marker
 Quilt-basting pins or safety pins
 Rotary cutter and mat
 7” x 14” “Cut for the Cure” ruler
 Benartex Blush Fabric Collection:
 ½ yard (or 2 fat quarters) of green
 1 yard (or 3 fat quarters) of ivory
Cut three? Four? 10” x 14” rectangles
Cut one 14” x 20” rectangle
 1¼ yards (or 4 fat quarters) of yellow moss
Cut one 10” x 14” rectangle
Cut three 14” x 20” rectangles
 Benartex Habitat Fabric Collection:
 4 different fat quarters for binding circles
 1 yard of brown dot for outer border and bind-
Cut into 2½” x width of fabric strips
(One for top border, one for bottom bor-
der, three for sides, and five for binding.)
 1½ yards of dandelion olive for the quilt top
 Cut one 34½” x 44½” rectangle
 1½ yards of fabric for backing
Cut one 40” x 50” rectangle
 Low loft batting — one 40” x 50” rectangle

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