Belkin Cell Phone F1P000GNUKSK manual

Brand: Belkin, product: Belkin Cell Phone F1P000GNUKSK

Type: Cell Phone

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Technical Support Information
F1P000GNukSK Skype Phone
1: What is the F1P000GNukSK?
The F1P000GNukSK is a Wi-Fi phone (IEEE 802.11b/g) designed to allow users to make Skype calls without
having to use a computer anywhere that a wireless Internet connection is available, such as at home or work.
2: What is it for?
With Belkin's Wi-Fi Phone for Skype you can enjoy the benefits of free calling within the Skype network, and cost
effective calling to mobile phones or fixed-lines using Skype's SkypeOut service.
3: Where can I use the Wi-Fi Phone?
The Wi-Fi Phone will work anywhere that there is available an open or secured Wi-Fi Internet connection such as
at home, at work, or in hotspots that do not require browser-based authentication or user input to login.
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype does not contain a web-browser and therefore cannot connect to hotspots that require
web-based login or authentication.
4: What kind of applications are supported?
The Wi-Fi Phone for Skype supports the following applications:
•Free calls from Wi-Fi Phone for Skype to Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
•Free calls from Wi-Fi Phone for Skype to a computer running the Skype software
•Free calls from a computer with Skype software to Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
•Cost effective calls via SkypeOut to mobile phone or fixed line. (Requires registration for Skype's SkypeOut
•Incoming calls via SkypeIn from mobile phone or fixed line (Requires registration for Skype's SkypeIn service)
•Skype Voicemail (Requires registration for Skype's Voicemail service)
5: What are the rates to call a non-Skype user on a mobile phone or fixed line?
Different destinations have different rates and it's where you're calling to that counts, not where you're calling
from. Please check the Skype website ( for the current SkypeOut rates.
6: Can I add credit to my SkypeOut account using the Belkin Skype phone?
No, you need to add credit via the Skype website: ( )
7. What about the voice quality?
The phone supports the Quality of Service (QoS) function that allows your router to prioritise voice packets over
data traffic on the wireless network, ensuring good consistent voice quality. Check with your router manufacturer
to see if QOS is supported and enabled.
8. How do I download and install the Skype software onto the phone?
The phone comes with Skype installed and is ready to use. All you need to do is connect to your wireless network,
setup a Skype account and enter your Skype username and password.
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