Barco Microscope & Magnifier PDS-902 manual

Brand: Barco, product: Barco Microscope & Magnifier PDS-902

Type: Microscope & Magnifier

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NTSC (480i)
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Quick Setup and Operations
Connect Power Ensure that power is properly
connected to the PDS. (Chapter 3, “Cable and
Adapter Information”)
Barco, Inc.
Connect Outputs Connect the output(s) of the
PDS to your projector(s) or other target devices.
(Chapter 3, “Signal Installation”)
Power On Turn on power to the PDS, your
projector(s), and to all peripheral equipment.
(Chapter 4, “Power-Up Initialization”)
Set Output Format Set the desired output
resolution and frame rate. (Chapter 4, “Output
Save Output Configuration After completing all
output adjustments, save the output configuration.
(Chapter 4, “Save Config”)
Enable Test Pattern Turn on a test pattern, verify
an image, and adjust as required. When complete,
turn off the pattern. (Chapter 4, “Test Pattern”)
Select and Adjust Input Select an input, and
perform the necessary image adjustments. (Chapter
4, “Input Menu”)
Adjust System Parameters Adjust parameters
such as transition time, display brightness, user prefs.
(Chapter 4, “User Preference Menu,” “System Menu”)
Repeat for Each Input Repeat steps 10 and
11 for each input that you have connected to the
Save System Configuration After completing all
system adjustments, save the system configuration.
(Chapter 4, “Save System State”)
Ready to Roll With all output, input and system
configurations saved, press the desired input button,
and press TAKE.
Connect Inputs Connect all analog, DVI, and
SDI input sources to the PDS. (Chapter 3, “Signal
Launch GUI (Optional) Connect your laptop to the
PDS, log onto the PDS using its IP address, and
launch the GUI. (Chapter 5, “GUI Operations”)
Save Input Configuration After completing all
adjustments for an input, save the input configuration.
(Chapter 4, “Save Config”)
Enable Remote Control (Optional) Connect
Ethernet or Serial communications, and issue desired
commands. (Appendix B, “Remote Control”)
P/N 26-1204004-00 Rev 01
Inputs Section
Sources 1-4: Analog
Sources 5-8*: DVI or Analog
LOGO: Full screen capture
* (sources 7-8 not on PDS-701)
Menu Display
Use ADJUST knob,
plus SEL and ESC
buttons to navigate
Counter-clockwise: scroll down
menu tree, or decrement values.
Clockwise: scroll up menu tree,
or increment values.
Press to enter a menu,
change or accept a
parameter, or answer
Yes” to a query.
Press to exit a menu
without making changes,
cancel an operation, or
answer “No” to a query.
Press to freeze or
un-freeze current
Program source.
Lit solid = frozen.
Button States
Off: Input not selected
Blinking: Input “pending” for transition
Lit solid: Input on Program
Press to pend or initiate a black transition.
Black Auto Take mode affects function
(User Preferences). Blinking = Pending.
Lit solid = Black on Program.
Press to mix the selected input
to Program, or to execute a pending
black transition. Use the Setup Menu
to adjust the transition time.
After each
TAKE, Program
and pending
sources flip-flop.
Factory Reset When using a PDS for the first
time, perform a factory reset. (Chapter 4,
“Factory Reset Menu”)
The following list summarizes PDS setup and
operations. For error-free installation, always
refer to the listed section in the User’s Guide.
PDS Series
Quick Start Guide
Visibly yours
Toll Free:
Technical Support:
+1 (888) 414-7226
+1 (916) 859-2515
+1 (866) 374-7878

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