Audio Authority Welding System 1362 user guide

Brand: Audio Authority, product type: Power Tools / Welding System

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Model 1361:
Component/RGB to Composite/S-Video
• Selectable PC or HDTV Inputs
• NTSC or PAL Outputs, Composite, S-Video or Component
• Supports PC Inputs up to UXGA ([email protected])
• Supports HDTV inputs up to 1080i
• Loop thru outputs - Both PC and HDTV
Adjustable image scaling: Pan, Position and Zoom
Aspect Ratio adjustment
• Remote Control with On Screen Display
Model 1362:
Composite/S-Video to Component/RGB
• Composite video, S-Video or YPbPr inputs to PC/HD outputs
• PC resolutions to 1280x1024
All HDTV progressive scan resolutions
• 32Mb frame memory
• Integral picture adjustments
• Onscreen display for setup and adjustment
Many satellite receivers and cable boxes do not offer
simultaneous output on YPbPr and composite outputs. To
distribute the same signal to TVs with HD component inputs
as well as TVs with composite or S-Video inputs, a quality
down-converter is required. The Model 1361 converts an HD
component or PC video signal to standard analog NTSC or PAL
video. Output is either composite and S-Video or standard
definition component (YCbCr) format, with a simultaneous
HD pass-thru. The Model 1361 settings
are controlled via front panel push-button,
an IR remote or an RS-232 interface and
its over-scan feature allows you to fill the
entire video screen.
Video Convertors/Scalers — solutions for mixed signal distribution systems
Some high definition signal distribution systems include one
or more standard definition sources. To distribute these signals
to HDTVs, a quality scaler is required. Audio Authority’s
Model 1362 scaler converts a standard analog NTSC or PAL
video signal to high definition component video (YPbPr).
Input may be either composite, S-Video, standard definition
component (YCbCr), or RGsB format. Output may be YPbPr
or RGBHV. Simply connect
a source and display, then
select the easy-to-use
onscreen menus for setup
and adjustments.
Product Focus
Models 1361 & 1362

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