Asko Dishwasher D3350 manual

Brand: Asko, product: Asko Dishwasher D3350

Type: Dishwasher

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Page 8
The program times may not always be the same because
of variations in the household hot water temperature.
The dishwasher heats the water to the proper
temperature for the program selected; so if the
temperature of the water entering the dishwasher is too
low, the dishwasher will run longer because it takes
longer to heat the water. Raising your water heater
setting could help to shorten the cycle times.
As a safety measure, Model D3350 can be programmed
not to start unless the Temperature and Drying buttons
are held down simultaneously. To program this feature,
follow the steps below:
1. Turn off the power to the machine.
2. Simultaneously press and hold down the
Temperature and Drying buttons as you turn on the
power to the machine. The Temperature, Drying and
Start buttons will flash.
3. Release the buttons.
4. Press the Program button until the display shows 1
with a key symbol alongside it.
5. Press Start to confirm selection and return to main
To deactivate the button lock, simultaneously press the
Temperature and Dry buttons. You can then select the
program and options and press Start to start the unit.
The lock will reactivate automatically in three minutes.
To permanently deactivate the button lock, repeat these
steps. When the display shows 0 and key symbol goes
out, the button lock has been deactivated.
Once you have selected the wash program and
temperature and drying options, press this button to start
the dishwasher. (Make sure the door is securely closed.)
After you press Start/Stop, the display window shows
the time it took the program to run last time. (The first
time you run a program, a 1 will display.) As the program
progresses, the time remaining displays. If the time
exceeds an hour, the display alternates between the hour
and minutes remaining. The hour is designated by an h,
e.g., 1h).
If you select Delayed Start, the window will display the
number of hours selected. It will then display the count-
down time until the program starts.
The window also displays fault codes. See below.
If you want to interrupt a program to add an item, open
the door slightly until the spray arms stop turning. You
can then open the door fully and place the item into the
dishwasher. Close the door securely. The program will
continue from where it was interrupted.
WARNING! Be extremely careful when opening the
door during a program. The water is hot and you
could get scalded.
If you decide to change the program after you have started
the machine, press the Start/Stop button for three
seconds. You will have to select the program and options
again when you are ready to restart the program. (Note:
If the program has already gone through the wash cycle,
you will have to add detergent.)
In the event that the machine should fail during a
program, the display window will show a fault code. The
table below defines these codes and gives possible
causes and solutions. See also “Troubleshooting” on
page 12.
Water inlet fault. Make sure the water supply is open.
Too much water has entered the dishwasher. Call a service technician.
Valve leakage. Shut off the water supply and contact a service technician.
The drain is blocked. See “Troubleshooting” on page 12.
The filter is clogged. See “Cleaning the Filters” on page 9.
Type of Fault and Recommended Action
If you have corrected the fault, turn the main power off
then back on to remove the fault indication. If it still
displays, try again to correct the problem or call a service

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