Asko Dishwasher D3350 manual

Brand: Asko, product: Asko Dishwasher D3350

Type: Dishwasher

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ASKO dishwashers are designed to be energy efficient.
Because the machine uses less water than conventional
dishwashers, you also use less detergent and rinse aid.
Generally, only one tablespoon of detergent is needed
for a normal wash load. The amount of detergent needed
for your dishes, however, could be more, depending on
the hardness of the water in your area. Also, more heavily
soiled items need more detergent. (See below.)
Measure and place detergent for the main wash into the
large detergent compartment. The detergent for prewash
goes into the small compartment to the right of the main
wash compartment. You should use one-half the amount
of detergent for the prewash that you use for the main
wash. The amount of detergent used for the main
wash and prewash combined should never be over
three tablespoons.
Always add the detergent just before starting the
dishwasher, otherwise it could get damp and won’t
dissolve properly.
Dishwasher detergent is corrosive! Take care to
keep it out of reach of children.
Rinse Aid
Main Wash
Prewash Detergent
Rinse Aid
Level Indicator
Compartment Lid
Dispenser Lid
We recommend that you use only unscented, granular
automatic dishwashing detergent. Using the wrong
detergent could cause flooding and/or damage your
dishwasher. Do not use detergent that has been wet and
is clumped. Also, check the expiration date on the
The amount of detergent needed can vary due to
differences in water hardness. To determine the water
hardness in your area, contact your local water utility or
area water softening company. The harder the water,
the more detergent you may need. Refer to the chart
below for the recommended detergent amounts based
on water hardness. Remember, you should adjust the
amount of detergent you use by small amounts until you
find the correct amount.
NOTE: We recommend that you do not add
prewash detergent for the Delicate or Quick
wash programs.
NOTE: If you use a dishwashing detergent with a
rinse aid additive, you should not fill the
rinse aid dispenser. This could cause a
film on your dishes.
1 teaspoon
1 to 1-1/2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
1 to 2 tablespoons
1 teaspoons
2 to 3 tablespoons
(0-3 grains per gallon)
(4-8 grains per gallon)
(9+ grains*)
Main wash
Main wash
Main wash
* 12 grains and higher is extremely hard water. See below for more details.
NOTE: We recommend that you do not add
prewash detergent for the Delicate or Quick
wash programs.
Twelve grains and higher is extremely hard water and
detergent alone may not be enough. You may need to
use a water softener to maximize the performance of
your dishwasher. Also, in areas with extremely hard water
(9+) you may need to wash at lower temperatures to
prevent hard water deposits from forming in tank and
wash system.
In hard water areas, both the dishes and the machine
can develop a white or gray film after a while. This can
be removed by replacing the prewash detergent with two
tablespoons of citric acid. If the water is very hard, use a
rinse aid that contains citric acid.
Different brands of dishwasher detergent have different
amounts of phosphorous for softening water. If you have
hard water and use a detergent with less than 8.7%
phosphorous content, you may need to use more
detergent or use a detergent with more than 8.7%
phosphorous content.

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