Apple Laptop 073-1066 user guide

Brand: Apple, product type: Computer Equipment / Laptop

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 Mac Pro
073-1066 Rev. A
Replacement Instructions
Follow the instructions in this document carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could
damage your equipment and void its warranty.
Tools Required
No tools are required for this procedure. You may, however, nd a at-blade screwdriver useful in
removing the battery from its holder.
Opening the Computer
Shut down the computer.
Warning: Always shut down the computer before opening it to avoid damaging its
internal components or the components you are installing. Do not open the computer
or attempt to install items inside it while it is on.
Wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow the computer’s internal components to cool.
Warning: After you shut down the system, the internal components can be very hot. You
must let the computer cool down before continuing.
Unplug all external cables from the computer except the power cord.
Touch the metal PCI access covers on the back of the computer to discharge any static
electricity from your body.
Important: Always discharge static before you touch any parts or install any
components inside the computer. To avoid generating static electricity, do not walk
around the room until you have nished working and closed the computer.

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