Andrew Stereo System Grid Sectional Parabolic Antennas user guide

Brand: Andrew, product type: Home Audio / Stereo System

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product specifications
The Mag Grid Antenna series offers
a commercial grade product at an
exceptionally competitive price.
The die cast reflector is fabricated using an automated
injection molding process which ensures consistency in
performance. The high-grade magnesium alloy material
is lightweight, does not rust, and memorizes the
antenna’s parabolic curve to maintain its shape over
time. The result is the only low cost terrestrial
microwave antenna sufficiently durable to survive
changing climate conditions.
The patented grid reflector design provides field
reliability and ease of handling and installation. No
secondary coating is required to prevent rust and
corrosion. Breakdown packaging saves freight costs,
and optional factory assembly is available.
Mag Grid series antenna products are also available
with an industrial grade mounting option. This option
features a heavier gauge L-bracket, mast clamp, and u-
bolt with mounting centers compatible for pipes of up
to 2.5 inches in diameter. The L-bracket attaches using
4 previously unoccupied holes in a thicker section of the
reflector. These holes are located farther from the
center of the assembled unit, spreading forces over a
wider range of reflector space. There are no changes to
hardware style or assembly and installation procedures.
The result is an antenna very suitable for higher
elevation installations and tower mounts without the
cost and complexity of traditional broadcast tower
antenna mounts.
Commercial grade durability
Lower production, shipping, and handling costs
Lightweight, durable materials
RG8 pigtail – 24" and 40” extensions
Up to 60° tilt adjust
Connecting the Wireless World
The low cost antenna
durable enough to
withstand changing
Mag Grid Sectional Parabolic Antennas
For 1.7–2.1, 2.1–2.7 and 2.4–2.5 GHz

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