Allied Telesis Network Router AR800 Series user guide

Brand: Allied Telesis, product type: Computer Equipment / Network Router

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Patch Release Note
Patch 86251-01
For Rapier Switches and AR800 Series
Modular Switching Routers
This patch release note lists the issues addressed and enhancements made in
patch 86251-01 for Software Release 2.5.1 on existing models of Rapier L3
managed switches and AR800 Series L3 modular switching routers. Patch file
details are listed in Table 1.
This release note should be read in conjunction with the following documents:
Release Note: Software Release 2.5.1 for Rapier Switches, AR300 and
AR700 Series Routers, and AR800 Series Modular Switching Routers
(Document Number C613-10354-00 Rev A) available from
Rapier Switch Documentation Set for Software Release 2.5.1 available on
the Documentation and Tools CD-ROM packaged with your switch, or
WARNING: Using a patch for a different model or software release may cause
unpredictable results, including disruption to the network. Information in this
release note is subject to change without notice and does not represent a
commitment on the part of Allied Telesyn International. While every effort has
been made to ensure that the information contained within this document and
the features and changes described are accurate, Allied Telesyn International
can not accept any type of liability for errors in, or omissions arising from the
use of this information.
Table 1: Patch file details for Patch 86251-01.
Base Software Release File
Patch Release Date
Compressed Patch File Name
Compressed Patch File Size
11884 bytes

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