AllerAir Air Cleaner 40 user guide

Brand: AllerAir, product type: Household Appliance / Air Cleaner

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Safe Solder Fume Extractors Model 40
User manual & filter change directions
Unpack unit and inspect.
Plug the unit into a 115V 15AMP power supply
The unit is ready for use
Unit set up
Before opening unit for any reason UNPLUG
AllerAir_MK:Manua ls/S afesolder 40 March 2007
AllerAir Industries Inc
the cord set from the power supply
Turn the unit on with the switch on the side of the unit.
Replacing or cleaning the pre-filter
Replacing the carbon filter
Unplug the unit from the power
Simply lift the carbon filterand remove. Insert new carbon filter and slide back into the unit.
Filter and fuse change diagram
Unit wiring diagram
Replacement parts
Pre-filter - S2FP0412
Carbon filter - S2SF0500
Unplug the unit from the power
The first filter nearest the intake is a pre-filter
Simply lift pre-filter and remove. Insert new pre-filter and slide back into the unit.
Call us 1-888-852-8247
115V, 60 Hz
MOTOR 115V, 0.4A

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