AllerAir Air Cleaner 3000 Vocarb user guide

Brand: AllerAir, product type: Household Appliance / Air Cleaner

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High Efficiency Air Purifiers
The safest most effective air purification available today
In normal circumstances indoor air
is often more unhealthy than outdoor air
For people suffering from respiratory
conditions such as asthma, allergies,
emphysema or heart and lung problems
the situation may be more serious
It may be time to look at the benefits of
High Efficiency Air Purification
With the terrible fire conditions in
Southern Califonia, air quality
has become dangerously poor.
Not only to deal with the current crisis
but to enjoy breathing pure air
in your home or workplace always.
Protect the Health of You and Your Family with an AllerAir High Efficiency Air Purifier
Change the air every 30 minutes
Contain pounds of activated carbon
Have a 3 speed American made
motor for economy and reliablity
Available in 9 designer colors
Come with a 5 year limited warranty
4000 Vocarb
1200 sq ft
5000 Vocarb
1500 sq ft
3000 Vocarb
200 sq ft
AllerAir Vocarb Series
Fire Smoke Contains a Highly Complex Mixture of Particles and Gases

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