Akai Clock Radio AR321S manual

Brand: Akai, product: Akai Clock Radio AR321S

Type: Clock Radio

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Clock Radio
Disposal of used electricaland electronic equipment
The meaning of the symbol on the material, its accessory or packaging indicates that this product
shall not be treated as household waste. Please, dispose of this equipment at your applicable
collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipments waste. In the European
Union and Other European countries which there are separate collection systems for used electrical
and electronic product. By ensuring the correct disposal of this product, you will help prevent
potentially hazardous to the environment and to human health, which could otherwise be caused by
unsuitable waste handling of this product. The recycling of materials will help conserve natural
resources. Please do not therefore dispose of your old electrical and electronic equipment with
your household waste. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact
your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased
the product.
1.Power Button
2.Timer Button
3.Mode Button
4.Sound Button
5.Turning Control
6.Lamp Light Adjust
7.LCD Display
8.Turning Scale
9.Snooze/Sleep Button
Mode Adjust Button
11.Up Button
12.Set Button
13.Lamp Button
14.Reset Button
15.AC Power Jack
16.FM Antenna
17.Battery Compartment
19.AM/FM Wave Band
20.Temperature Antenna
1.Open battery compartment, insert 4pcs AA size batteries according to the indicated direction, slide the battery
cover back in position or plug the Power Cord, and then the time will display. The display time is12:00am, 1st
January, 2009, Tuesday.
2.Press POWER button to turn on the alarm, push wave band button to select AM/FM, rotate the PVC button to select
favorite radio station, press Up/Down button to set desired listening level. Press POWER button again to turn off the
1.Press SOUND button to enter into natural music mode , adjust VOLUME control to proper volume; press Sound
button again to turn off the music
2.Press SOUND button again to select different natural music, total 5musics for selecting (1.Cricket 2.rain 3.river
4.bird 5.seagull and wave)
3.Under sound mode, press the Model button once to turn back to the time display
1.Press any button once, the backlight will light for 8seconds, then automatically off
2.When it is alarm time or the radio is on or enjoy the natural music, backlight will light for 8seconds and then
automatically off.
3.Under any mode (except the alarm is on), press the LAMP button or rotate the Lamp Light Adjust button to turn
on the lamp
4.Press the Set button and Up/Down button to set desirable lighting time of the lamp: 10MINUTES 20MINUTES
5.when the lamp is light, adjust Lamp Light button to your favorite brightness
6.Press the LAMP button or push the Lamp Light Adjust button to “zero” to turn off the lamp.
7.If the brightness of the lamp was set to “zero, when the alarm on, the lamp will not light.
8.To prolong the battery use time, lamp just can be light when connect to AC power
1)Under normal mode, press SET button 3 seconds to 12/24 mode transfer
2)Under normal mode, Press SET button and UP/DOWN button to set the time in order
3)When just press SET button, it will be back to normal time display after 1minute.
4)Range of time: Year: 2000~2099; Month: 1~12; Date: 1~31; Hour: 1~12 or 0~23; Minute: 0~59
5)When setting the date, the week will change accordingly. When setting the year and month, it will restraint the
maximum day .when setting the minutes, the seconds will clear to “zero
6)Hold the UP/DOWN button ceaselessly can set time quickly
1.)Under time setting mode, press Mode button once to enter into Alarm 1 set mode. Press Mode button twice to enter
into Alarm 2 set mode. The “TIME “show the alarm time , “WEEK “show the alarm output mode, “MONTH, DATA
show the lighting time
2.)Under alarm setting mode, press the SET button to the alarm setting, the volume and lamp control function will turn
off automatically and controlled by the alarm setting. Press the Set button and Up/Down Button to set the following
function in order: Hour- Minute- Alarm Output Model-Brightness-Volume - Lighting Time
3.)Press any button to stop alarm or it will automatically stop alarming after 1 minute.
4.)Under each mode, press Up/Down button to set desirable volume.
5.)Press Up/Down button or rotate the Lamp Light Adjust button to adjust the brightness.
6.)Press the Set button and Up/Down Button to set the advanced lighting time of the lamp: 0MINUTES 5MINUTES
-10MINUTES-15MINUTES-20 MINUTES-25 MINUTES-30 MINUTES-45 MINUTES. The lamp will light up
automatically when it reaches the advanced lighting time before the alarm active.
7.)Total 9 music for alarm output mode selecting: 6 natural music, “BeBeBeBe” sound, radio(AM/FM)
A.Hold the UP/DOWN button ceaselessly can set time quickly
B.If the alarm time of the Alarm1 and Alarm2 is the same, only the Alarm 1 will work.
C.The volume of the alarm should not be less than 10.
D.When the alarm is on, the Alarm1 or Alarm 2 indicator will blink.
E.When the alarm is on, Press any button (except Snooze button) to turn off the alarm.
F.The volume of the alarm must reach the target volume within 1 minute.
When the first alarm, press SNOOZE button to snooze function (When it is radio alarm, without snooze function), the
snooze indicator will blink, and it will wake you up again after9 minutes (totally alarm 10 times). If no actions is taken
when alarm is on, the music or buzzer will keep on for3minutes and shut off automatically, the alarm will on again
at the same time next day.
1.Press SLEEP button to sleep function
2.Press SLEEP button to set radio/music time: OFF 10MINUTES 20MINUTES 30MINUTES-40minutes
-50minutes-60minutes-70minutes -80minutes 90MINUTES OFF
3.When sleep function is on, sleep indicator will blink, no indicator when sleep function is turn off
1.Press the TIMER button to the timer setting mode.
2.Press SET button and Up/Down button to set the following function: Time-Alarm Output Mode-Volume-
Brightness-Lighting time.
3.Press the TIMER button again to turn off the timer function
4.Total 9 music for selecting, adjustable timer up to 99 hours.
Under temperature display mode, press DOWN C/F to transfer ºC/ºF display.
Insert 4pcs AA size batteries in the battery compartment. Should there be a power failure, the clock will continue to
function but the battery does not illuminate the lamp
1.Frequency Range: FM:88-108MHz AM: 540-1600KHz
2.Main Power Supply: AC 7.0V
3.External Power Supply: AC 230V-50HZ DC 7V-450Ma
4.Time display: 12/24 hour format
5.Battery backup: DC 6.0V
1 When product with receiving problem or display is vague or sound is not good, should change the battery
2 When product without use for long time, should take the battery out to avoid affecting the product function
3When product LCD display in disorder, please press RESET button
4 When product reset affected by high voltage static and cause in disorder, please press RESET button to reset.
5 Under any state, if no key was pressed it will be back to normal time display after 30 seconds
6 If the Alarm, Timer and Sleep function occurs simultaneously, it will only execute one of them according to the
following order: ALM1- ALM2-Timer- Sleep.
7 It is a gradual process to turn on or off the volume and lamp, the system will remember the last setting value, the
power default of the volume and brightness separately is “15and “10.if the last setting value is “0, in order to
make it work well, the system will set volume and brightness to the power default automatically.

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