Aero Mist Humidifier 60100K user guide

Brand: Aero Mist, product type: Household Appliance / Humidifier

Total pages: 2, PDF manual size: 3.33 Mb

Aeromist, Inc. shall warrant the components of the Pump (Model 60100K) to
be free of defects in workmanship for one year. This warranty does not apply
to malfunctions caused by the fault or negligence of the buyer or third party,
including failure to perform periodic maintenance. No warranty of merchant
ability or other warranty, expressed or implied, is made.
In order to take advantage of this warranty, you must first contact Aeromist,
Inc. for a Return Goods Authorization Number. Any defective product must be
returned freight prepaid to Aeromist for examination and disposition. Aeromist
agrees to be responsible for return shipment costs on any approved warranty
repair. The serial number of the product will determine warranty date unless
original purchase invoice can be provided.
The buyer agrees that the sole and exclusive remedy in law or in equity for
breach of any and all warranties and the sole and exclusive remedy for the
manufacturer’s liability of any kind (including without limitation, liability for neg
ligence) with respect to the product and all other performance by the manu
facturer will be limited to the repair of, or at the MANUFACTURER’S OPTION,
THE REPLACEMENT OF THE PRODUCT. Buyer further agrees that the manu
facturer will, in no event have any responsibility or bear any liability for (a)
the cost of labor for the removal of any defective product or the installation of
any replacement product, or (b) the cost of transportation to the manufacturer
of the defective products returned for evaluation. Finally, buyer agrees that
the manufacturer shall not be liable for any other loss or damage (including,
without limitation, lost profits), even if the manufacturer has been advised of the
possibility of such potential loss or damage.
23610 N 20th Dr, Ste 6, Phoenix, AZ 85085
(602) 454-8900

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