ADTRAN Conference Phone ISU 2X64 manual

Brand: ADTRAN, product: ADTRAN Conference Phone ISU 2X64

Type: Conference Phone

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Product Features
Supports video confer-
encing and audio broad-
casting at 128 kbps and
dual modem replacement
Uses a single ISDN
line to support two inde-
pendent applications
Dual DTE interfaces
support data rates
up to 64 kbps sync
and 57.6 kbps async
Single DTE interface
supports data rates
up to 128 kbps sync
using Multilink PPP or
Compatible with Lucent
5ESS, Northern Telecom
DMS-100, NEC, and
National ISDN-1 switches
Supports remote configu-
ration over the ISDN line
or externally
Dual Port ISDN Terminal
Adapter with integrated
Uses standard ISDN
Basic Rate service
Provides U-Interface
lightning protection
Compatible with
Plug and Play
Standard 5-year warranty
2x64 is a standalone ISDN
Service Unit that connects data terminal
equipment to the ISDN network. The ISU
2x64 is a dual port ISDN Terminal Adapter
with an integrated NT1. The unit provides
a cost-effective solution for the transfer of
data and images over a single ISDN line.
The ISU 2x64 can be viewed as a dual
modem that supports two applications,
simultaneously and independently, up to
64 kbps on each DTE interface. For high
speed applications over 64 kbps, a single
DTE interface can achieve rates up to 128
kbps. Target applications for the ISU 2x64
unit include video conferencing and audio
broadcasting at 128 kbps, as well as dual
modem replacement.
The ISU 2x64 responds to loopback
commands from the telephone company
Central Office for network testing. An S/T
interface version of the ISU 2x64 is also avail-
able for applications that do not require an
internal NT1.
The ISU 2x64 features dual RS-530/
EIA-232 DTE interfaces and dual RS-366 dial
interfaces. An S-530A/EIA-232-to-V.35 adapter
is available to support V.35 DTE interfaces.
A single DTE interface supports synchro-
nous data transfer rates from 2400 bps to
128 kbps and asynchronous rates from
1200 bps to 115.2 kbps. When using dual
DTE interfaces, synchronous data transfer
rates from 2400 bps to 64 kbps and asynchro-
nous rates from 1200 bps to 57.6 kbps are
supported. For speeds over 64 kbps using
a single DTE interface, the industry standard
Multilink PPP or BONDING delay equaliza-
tion protocols aggregates the two 64 kbps
B channels for a maximum of 128 kbps.
Dialing from the ISU 2x64 is accom-
plished by using the front panel, stored
numbers, DTR assertion, AT commands,
or V.25 bis in-band dialing. Dual RS-366
parallel dial interfaces are also provided,
which can be used for applications such as
The front panel of the ISU 2x64 consists
of a two-line by 16-character display, seven
LEDs, and a 16-button keypad. This allows
for configuring, dialing, testing, and moni-
toring of the unit without a data terminal or
test equipment. AT commands may also be
used for configuration and status monitoring.
In addition, the ISU 2x64 can be config-
ured and maintained locally or remotely
using a VT100 terminal interface. For remote
configuration, the unit can be accessed over
the ISDN or externally through the mainte-
nance port on the back panel.
ISU 2x64
Dual Port ISDN Service Unit

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