Abocom Headphones BCH110 user guide

Brand: Abocom, product type: Home Audio / Headphones

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BHC110 -- Bluetooth Headset
Quick Installation Guide
Starting to Use
How to Charge
Plug the charger into the headset. Plug the other
end of the charger into an electrical outlet. During the
charging, the red LED turns on and remains on until
charging is complete. When charging is complete (red
LED is off), remove the charger form the electrical
outlet and detach the charger from the speaker.
Pairing Your Headset and Phone
Before you can use your Bluetooth headset you’re
your phone it has to be added once to the phone.
Follow the instruction form the phone user guide on
how to turn on the Bluetooth in your phone. With the
headset and phone in close proximity:
1. Make sure the headset is in power off. Press the
power button for 6 seconds until the blue and red
LED flashes.
2. Initiate the pairing sequence using hands-free
mode if available. The unit may also be paired in
headset mode if hands-free mode is not available.
3. Perform a device discovery from the phone.
For details on device discovery for your phone,
refer to the user guide for the phone
4. Select the Mono Headset from the discovered
devices list, and then confirm following the on
screen prompts.
5. When prompted by the phone, enter the passkey
0000, and then confirm to pair the headset with
the phone.
Controlling Headset Volume
Increase: Press the volume button in the + position
repeatedly until you reach the desired volume level.
Decrease: Press the volume button in the - position
repeatedly until you reach the desired volume level.
Placing and Receiving Calls
Your headset supports both Hands-free and
Headset Profiles. Accessing call functions depends on
which profile your phone supports.
Action Function
Very Long Press Power Pairing
Power On
Power Off
Long Press Power
Reject a Call
Receive a Call
End a Call
Short Press Power
Voice Dial
Long Press Redial
Call Transfer
Mute On
Short Press Redial
Mute Off
Using Your Headset Indicators
LED Headset
OFF Power Off
Red/Blue rapid flashes Pairing mode
Blue flashes Power On
Red On Charging
Red flashes Power Low
Red flashed 5 times Powering Off

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