Abit Computer Hardware AW9D-MAX user guide

Brand: Abit, product type: Computer Equipment / Computer Hardware

Total pages: 88, PDF manual size: 4.52 Mb

Socket 775
Intel Core 2 Duo (Extreme Edition)
Intel Pentium Extreme Edition
Intel Pentium D
Intel Pentium 4
User’s Manual
Hardware Setup
BIOS Setup Driver & Utility CD Appendix
About this Manual:
This user’s manual contains all the information you may
need for setting up this motherboard. To read the user’s
manual of PDF format (readable by Adobe Reader
), place
the “Driver & Utility CD” into the CD-ROM drive in your
system. The auto-run screen will appear, click the
“Manual” tab to enter its submenu. If not, browse the
root directory of the CD-ROM via the File Mana
er, and
double click the “AUTORUN” file.
LGA775 ATX Motherboard
Intel 975X / ICH7R
1066MHz FSB
Dual DDR2 800
Dual PCI-E X16 Graphics Slots
8x SATA 3Gb/s (AW9D-MAX)
IEEE 1394 (AW9D-MAX)
HD 7.1 Audio
Silent OTES™ Technology

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