3Com Computer Hardware 3CB9EF user guide

Brand: 3Com, product type: Computer Equipment / Computer Hardware

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Chassis Fan Tray Removal
and Replacement Guide
For the Switch 4007R 8-Slot Chassis
This guide describes how to remove and install a fan tray (Model Number
3CB9EF) for the Switch 4007R 8-slot chassis.
WARNING: The Switch 4007R fan tray must be installed and removed
only by trained service personnel.
You can install a new fan tray in your Switch 4007R chassis while the
power is on (which is referred to as hot swapping).
Fan Tray Description The Switch 4007R chassis and its modules are cooled by fan trays. The
8-slot chassis contains two fan trays, each of which contains three fans
(Figure 1). Four fans cool the switch fabric modules, interface modules,
and management modules and the two fans cool the power supply bay
Part No.10014113
Published February 2002

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